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Emergency Towing Services in Ottawa

Being stuck by the side of the road is not a pleasant situation to be in. If you need emergency towing assistance, then turn to Pro-Canada Towing & Recovery Inc. We provide emergency towing services all throughout Ottawa.

When Can We Provide a Tow?

We can provide a tow whenever you need us! We are happy to help if you are ever in any of the following situations:

  • You had an auto accident: An accident can be overwhelming, especially if your car has damage. Let us take one worry off your hand and take your car to your repair shop of choice.
  • Your car engine overheated: No matter the cause of your car overheating, this can put you in a pickle. We can help tow and transport your car quickly and safely.
  • Your transmission failed: A transmission is an essential part of your car. Don’t put your safety at risk by trying to drive with a failing transmission. Let us tow your car safely.
  • You have other car troubles: Bad alternators, fuel pumps, or starters — your car might have any number of issues that require a tow. And when you do, let us help.

Whenever any of these situations happen to you, or even something else, Pro-Canada Towing & Recovery Inc. is here for you.

How Can We Help?

At Pro-Canada Towing & Recovery Inc., our goal is to provide you and your car safe transportation so you’re not stranded by the side of the road.

As such, we provide 24/7/365 fast and friendly service. Our licensed and certified towers will make sure they understand the situation you’re in and take you and your car wherever you need to go.

Whatever your situation, please call us anytime at (613) 265-6275. We look forward to providing you and your car safe and speedy transportation.